About Me

Vincent Choong
Currently residing in Japan
Born 4th of February 1987
Ardent fan of Manchester United
Process Engineer by trade Currently a Fire Protection Engineer
Hometown: Ipoh, Malaysia
Other interests include computer gaming, cue sports and fishing
Music: Likes techno, trance and alternative rock


19 thoughts on “About Me

    • I guess you can say I am in the oil and gas industry. I work in an engineering consultancy firm and we typically design oil refineries. Sometimes we get jobs to design production plants in the pharmaceutical industry too.

  1. I fell in love with all your photographs! I didn’t realise that looking at beautiful photographs could make me happy and light hearted so I shall come again to read always. Your creative shots have prompted me to visit Japan again next year. Keep it up Vincent!

      • Yo man! You are back to blog again and hope you will make it often otherwise it will grow cobwebs. Yes I am regular at Huai Bin and Hanabisky’s blogs.
        I went to Japan again recently and covered parts of Kyushu Island and Fukuoka. Next CNY I plan to visit Nagoya, taking advantage of Air Asia’s direct flights. Hope to bump into you somewhere!

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