Chasing The Sun #03: MacRitchie Reservoir

Reservoirs make for a surprisingly good location for sunset photography. It’s no different from a lake as the large body of water provides a clear, low horizon to photograph the transition of dusk.

MacRitchie Reservoir is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. It is named after the municipal engineer who oversaw it’s expansion in 1922. Today, the reservoir is open to the public as a nature park.


The weather was slightly on the cloudy side that day. This was shot after sun down. It was a similar scene to CtS #02 where the color of the sky seem most intense after the sun has set beneath the horizon. I decided to include the couple in my composition to give it a relaxed, romantic atmosphere. They seem too entranced in their own world to care about that weird guy with the camera and tripod. Ah, the joys of love!


4 thoughts on “Chasing The Sun #03: MacRitchie Reservoir

  1. This photo with a beautiful sunset would melt my heart. I believe my uncle took me to this reservoir area once, which has small jungles all around and some coffee hubs nearby. Hey, I think the couple was you with the tripod taking auto shot.

    • Yes, MacRitchie Reservoir is surrounded by jungle. Actually they’ve built paths between the edge of the jungle and the water that people can walk / jog on now. On the opposite side are the residential areas and the kopitiams that you mentioned. Very nice place to spend the evening. Only have to watch out for the thieving monkeys!

  2. The couple was already there?

    I like photos like this, it’s worthy to be resold on those stock photo websites. I can never get stuff like this, I’ll probably have to ask two people to go and pose at the end of the pier. Haha.

    Lovely shot, perfect timing too, I like how the couple seems intimate but the entire picture made me feel quite sad though. I’m not sure if it’s the dusk lighting or it reminds me of the movie Requiem for a Dream (where they had a pier scene too which is depressing). It’s great though, the fact that your photo makes people feel emotions means that it’s good.

    • I was there first. I had my camera setup on a tripod pointed towards the end of the pier. The couple just walked in without saying anything. Not sure if ignorant or oblivious. Usually people have the courtesy to ask and I’ll say go ahead if you don’t mind getting photographed. Haha.

      Glad to know the picture invoked some emotions in you. I haven’t watched Requiem for a Dream though I’ve read/heard so many good things about the movie. Gotta watch it one of these weekends.

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