Chasing The Sun #02 – Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is located on the north-eastern part of Singapore. It’s a well known sunset spot among photographers due to the rocks scattered along the beach which provide an interesting foreground. It’s not the most accessible location though but the excellent views are well worth the trouble.


This shot was taken after the sun has set beneath the horizon. I find that the colours of the sky are most intense at this time. Using a slow shutter speed, the waves are captured in a smooth, misty effect. I would’ve preferred a more exaggerated misty effect but alas the sea was rather calm that day.


5 thoughts on “Chasing The Sun #02 – Punggol Beach

    • Lovely for photography but probably not very lovely (or safe) for family outings or beach activities. Haha. I do visit your blog regularly just that I did not comment. I read about your lovely trip to Mt. Koya the last time. Makes me miss Japan so much!

  1. Your photos are amazing mate! 🙂

    I’ve never been to Punggol before…I guess you can say the entire perimeter of Singapore is a beach (technically, since it’s an island) and I’ve even heard of small islands around Singapore where people go for durians. I’ve personally never been here though but the fiery sunset makes me want to go. I would have guessed there would be a lot of immigrant workers packing the beaches in Singapore, that was my general impression last time I was there – domestic helpers, factory workers on their day off etc.

    • Thank you for your kind words HB 🙂

      Singapore might be an island but much of it’s shores are used for shipyards, ports or other industrial uses. That’s probably Pulau Ubin for the wild durians. I’ve never tried it before though. These days the immigrant workers prefer to hit the shopping malls on Sunday! Haha. There’s a specific area or mall that is popular among each nationality. For example, Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road is a haven for Filipinos.

      • Yeah, it is Pulau Ubin. I guess that’s the only place with wild durians in Singapore. Haha.

        Interesting! I guess they’ll want to get out of the hot weather nowadays too.

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