Chasing The Sun #01 – Labrador Park

Introducing a new series of posts I’d like to call “Chasing The Sun”. The title is quite self-explanatory actually, these posts will showcase my attempts to photograph the sunset (or sunrise if I’m diligent enough to wake up at an ungodly hour).


Let’s start with this sunset taken at Labrador Park, Singapore. I had to climb over the safety railing and make my way down a rather steep wave barrier while lugging my camera and  tripod to take this shot on the rocks near the sea. It was worth it though as the sky was a brilliant golden orange that evening. The clouds provided some interesting elements to the sky (the shape reminds me of a sailing ship) though unfortunately it also blocked any direct view of the sunset.


4 thoughts on “Chasing The Sun #01 – Labrador Park

  1. Your photography skills are always awesome and world class! Look at the waters and how you captured to make them so misty as if it was in a winter climate place. Your smart timing managed to snap the beautiful skies with shades of orange hues!

    I want to see more please. Where have you disappeared for over a year?

    • Wah thank you for all your high praises 🙂 I took a break from photography for a year. I’ve finished my assignment in Japan and currently back in Singapore. Rest assured I will continue posting on a regular basis. For 2016, I’ve challenged myself to go out to take some photos once a week and so far it’s going well.

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