I Say A Little Prayer

Yeah, I know autumn is long gone and winter is coming already here (sorry couldn’t resist the Game of Thrones reference) but anyway, just wanted to share one last set of autumn photos from my revisit of Kamakura at Hasedera Temple. This was the temple I missed out on during my last trip here but I have to admit visiting during autumn is much more rewarding.


The entrance gate (sanmon) may not be as majestic as that of other temples around Kamakura but it is definitely the most beautiful. The giant lantern (lit up at dusk) and that bonsai-like tree really complements the scene.


I came across these cute statues while making my way to the temple hall. They’re quite small and can be easy to miss.


Entry into the temple will set you back 300 yen. And do grab a copy of the English brochure. One of the best brochure of a temple I’ve seen in Japan so far – informative and I really liked the design.


So this concludes my series of autumn photos in Japan. To be perfectly honest, I was getting a bit “autumn-ed” out by that point, it was my 4th weekend in a row shooting autumn scenes. And I guess the timing was about right coinciding with the transition into winter.


14 thoughts on “I Say A Little Prayer

  1. Haha! I can’t wait for Season 4 or the next book. GRRM is just soooo slow in writing.

    I love the three statues, they’re soooo cute, it seems a little out of place in a temple! Maybe only in Japan?

      • Haha! True that.

        I just thought Zen Buddhism would be a more somber affair. I have been looking a lot at Japanese flower arrangement and how it’s all about “space” as well and whether the plants are happy. Less is more and all that. Quite an interesting art form! 🙂

  2. Hey Vincent! oh man, I really like the photos you posted. Really lovely. Makes me feel like taking up photography as my past time too. Anyway, hope you are doing good in Japan. When will you be back in sg?

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