Walk The Plank


Another one of my personal favorites from autumn, this one taken from the Rikugien Gardens in Tokyo. This is a really beautiful Japanese landscape garden though I didn’t quite like the crowds and narrow walkways. If possible visit on a weekday (or early in the morning on weekends).

And just in case you’re wondering why everyone is moving in such an orderly manner, there are actually park employees coordinating the traffic but they are hidden behind the trees.

10 thoughts on “Walk The Plank

  1. what a stunning whimsical photograph! (‘: i love all the colours..

    you are Ipoh Mali! that’s wonderful. wish i’d have known this sooner, i would’ve dropped you an e-mail for recommendations on where to go seeing as how the locals would always know the best little places ;D thanks very much for payin a visit to my loser blog. lol. i love Ipoh and plan to go back. i only wish i hadn’t gotten a summon! (for not using a parking coupon)

    • Thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

      Yep Ipoh Mali and proud of it! I think you’ve already hit most of the good spots in Ipoh. I’m really glad that you enjoyed Ipoh. Most would comment that it’s a boring and quiet town only good for retirement. Sorry to hear about the summon. Them city council officers are always on the prowl to fulfill their quota.

      • the city council officer was hilarious. i spoke to one otp and said “i’m from out of town. how would i know about this parking coupon business?” then he said, “how would we know you’re not from here? when you come to another state, you have to abide by its rules” .______.

        anyway, i made a trip to UTC (strangest building, imo) and there were really nice folks who helped me out. i love small town hospitality (‘:

        • You know, I’ve never been to the UTC building yet but I’ve heard good things about it. That strange building used to be Ipoh’s biggest supermarket in the 80/90’s. I remember going there as a kid with my parents – it was really crowded back then, shoulder to shoulder stuff.

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