The Golden Duck

It was one of those lazy weekends when I didn’t feel like going all the way to Tokyo so I stayed within Yokohama and visited the Sankeien Garden instead There’s a nice lake here where people feed the ducks or just sit by to enjoy the view. Makes for some really good photography.


As I sat by the lake doing my fair share of enjoying the view, this duck swam towards me (probably thought I had food). I really wasn’t thinking much at that point of time but I decided to grab my camera and take a shot anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by the results.


This was one of those rare moments when a good photo opportunity literally came looking for me. How I wish that would happen more often.


5 thoughts on “The Golden Duck

  1. That duck photo is amazing! I know someone who doesn’t even have 1/2 your talent and she’s making heaps of money from stock photo sites!

  2. i think ducks are SO COOL to me because we don’t have them scattered & running free here unlike other places (like the UK and i guess, now Japan? lol) ducklings are especially cute!!! i wish i were working & living in Japan, too. (: you are so lucky.. it’s such a beautiful country, from all the things i’ve heard & read. the people, the culture.. it’s like the perfect asian country (:

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