By The Lake

The appreciation of autumn colors (known as koyo) is a big thing here in Japan. Think of it as the autumn counterpart of spring’s cherry blossom. Expect parks, temples or any koyo spots for that matter to be crowded on weekends as the trees begin to change color. And I’ve been doing my fair share of koyo appreciation over the weekends hopping from one park to another in Tokyo.


This was was taken at the Showa Memorial Park, a massive park located in western Tokyo. This maple tree by the lake was in it’s full glory of colors, attracting all manner of shutterbugs to it from the casual cellphone photographer to the hardcore hobbyist. I stood there and thought for awhile how to come up with something different. The zoom-close-into-leaf composition felt awfully clichéd.

So I opted for something a little different by including some boats in the background. The final shot still feels a little clichéd but I am pleased with the result. Definitely one of my personal favorites this autumn.


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