Revisiting the Harbor of the Future

People often ask me what do i do during the weekends here in Yokohama.

IS7A1922“Oh I go out to take photos”.
“Really? So you’re traveling to somewhere new every weekend?”
“Erm… no. This is the 4th weekend I am photographing the city area”
Then comes the classic bewildered look and “Is there so much to photograph there?”

Well yes, there is plenty to photograph if one is willing to spend the time to look for them. And I am glad I kept I coming back to the same place (these were taken from Osanbashi Pier by the way) because I was finally rewarded with a beautiful sunset last weekend.


The greatest reward is perhaps seeing the silhouette of the iconic Mount Fuji. Yeah I know it’s really small but hey, it’s a big thing for someone new to Japan like myself.


Sometimes a great photograph is made when we happen to be at the right place at the right time. But that’s not going to happen everyday. It’s all about planning and persistence. And on that weekend, my persistence paid off.

I believe it is time to conquer new grounds.


14 thoughts on “Revisiting the Harbor of the Future

  1. Love the photo of the skyline with the purple ferris wheel. Amazing! I actually like that one better than the close-up. There’s just something about being able to see more of the water and the skyline.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

      The only reason I am sharing the close-up version is for the sheer novelty of having a closer look at Mt. Fuji. Haha. I like the skyline shot much better myself and it’s one of my personal favorites.

  2. Great series Vincent. Awesome color in both the sky and skyline. You also did a great job positioning Mt Fuji in the background. It looks like you also timed the shot to when the Ferris Wheel was stationary since from the smoothness of the water, it appears you used a relatively long shutter speed.

    • Thank you Mark! The shutter speeds are 6 and 10 seconds respectively. I have to admit catching the Ferris Wheel stationary was a matter of pushing the shutter and hoping for the best. It was too far away to judge when it would stop. Also capturing a particular color on the wheel was a challenge because the color changes.

    • Indeed. I walked by Singapore’s ferris wheel every week but I never bothered to stop and take a photo no matter what decorations they had on it. And now I am photographing a ferris wheel in Japan 4 weeks in a row. Haha 🙂

    • Yep, the city really comes to life at night. All the brilliant and colorful lights. Makes for some great photography. I still haven’t photographed much of Tokyo’s skyline at night. And I’m not so keen to do go out at night these days – it’s winter and it’s freaking cold!

      • i love winter..! i suppose it’s because it’s the one thing we don’t have here in the tropics. i’m somehow still in love with white white snow and having your breath come out in mist. (:

        • Winter isn’t so fun here in Yokohama. We don’t get a lot of snow. The wind is cold and dry. I feel like I’m walking through a freezer everyday when commuting to work! But yeah the breath coming out as mist thing is kinda cool. LOL

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