“Cause after all this city never sleeps at night”

The sun was long gone but I didn’t feel like going home yet so I decided to shoot some light trails.


Unfortunately, this intersection isn’t a particularly busy one. So I took 10 frames and stacked them together during post processing to get a higher density of light trails. I still couldn’t capture any rear lights on the bottom left of the frame though I suspect that is due to the angle.

I have always enjoyed shooting light trails (or long exposures for that matter) because you never know what you’re going to get in each shot. And that always remind me of a certain movie quote about life and a box of chocolates.

10 thoughts on ““Cause after all this city never sleeps at night”

  1. Nice shot. I had a similar experience with a dearth of cars to produce light trails in the “Boulevard” shot on my blog. In my case I just kept shooting and was able to time the traffic signals and vehicle flow to get nice streaks going both ways.

    • Yes, I remember the beautiful boulevard shot. On hindsight, I should have been more patient trying to get more light streaks on the empty spots. Everything always look so nice and perfect on the camera LCD screen 😀

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