Bali – Catch of the Day

The plan was to photograph the local fishermen hauling in their catch along Jimbaran Beach at dawn. But I was really exhausted after a long day of touring on Day 2 so I decided to scrap that in favour of more rest.


By the time I arrive at the beach in the late morning, the fishermen were long gone. The Kedonganan Fish Market meanwhile was ripe with activities. Fishmongers were busy gutting and cleaning the fresh fish, customers carefully selecting their purchase and the odd tourist looking around curiously.


It’s quite a small market but it was interesting to walk around and watch people go about their business. Also, there were fish of all kinds of shape, colour and size.


This looks like some species of parrot fish. I wonder if it is even edible.


An interesting experience would be to purchase your own fish (remember to haggle!) and getting it cooked at a nearby restaurant. But besides that, you won’t be missing out on much if you gave this place a skip.


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