Bali – The best of the Lot

My series of unfortunate events continued on Day 2 as the designated driver I booked prior to the trip stood me up. After some waiting, I got the hotel to arrange another driver for me. With the schedule pushed back by about 2 hours, I finally arrived at my first stop of the day, Tanah Lot (pardon the pun on the post title).


Tanah Lot  is a temple seated atop a little islet cut off from the coast. When the tide is low, one can actually walk all the way to the islet. But I suppose visiting at high tide isn’t all that bad either since it makes for much more dramatic photos.


Here we see locals performing prayers at a designated square facing the sea. Despite being a tourist hot spot, the temple remains a holy site among the Balinese. Kind of reminds me of Vatican City. For some it’s a tourist attraction but for others, a pilgrimage to sacred grounds.


There’s an interesting local legend surrounding Tanah Lot – if you visit the place with your partner before marriage, the relationship will end in a break up. Actually, I did just that – I was here with the girlfriend. So, in the words of Barney Stinson, challenge accepted!


Further up the coast is another small temple, Pura Batu Bolong. The Balinese of old sure know how to pick a good spot for their temples. Just look at that epic rock formation (and the clouds too!)

Tanah Lot is a scenic spot and it is no surprise this place has become iconic for Bali. Arrive early in the morning to avoid the tourist horde. Or if you don’t mind jostling for space with the horde come in the evening to watch the beautiful sunset instead.


7 thoughts on “Bali – The best of the Lot

    • Thank you Mark. I guess I was very lucky to have such dramatic and beautiful skies while I was in Bali. The sky can look very dull on a cloudy day here. Just an entire stretch of grayish blue.

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