Bali – Eye of the Storm

My flight arrived in Bali in the evening. So the plan was to shoot the sunset at Jimbaran Beach before retiring to one of the seafood restaurants at the beach for a scrumptious dinner while watching the sun set.

Alas, the weather wasn’t very cooperative that day. Aye, winter is coming a storm was coming.


Nevertheless, the beach was still ripe with photographic opportunities. Mostly of locals enjoying the last light of day at the beach.


Some beach soccer action amid the roaring waves. I probably could have sat there all day long if I had my telephoto lens with me.


Two friends enjoying a chat overlooking an increasingly gloomy weather. Don’t think they noticed me as I snapped away behind them.

The bad weather was a real bummer to the start of the trip as I was really looking forward to capturing that sunset. Little did I know that Murphy’s Law will rear it’s ugly head out a few more times throughout the trip…

4 thoughts on “Bali – Eye of the Storm

    • Thank you for your kind words Giannina! Yep, the clouds were really dramatic that day and the rain that followed was really heavy. Still wish I could’ve seen that sunset though 🙂

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