Bali – Island of the Gods

As a child, I loved the year end school holidays because I got to visit my cousins in other parts of Malaysia. Though I am not sure if my parents enjoyed it as much as I did because on the last day of every trip, I would always refuse to go home. Mom had to literally drag me into the car as I screamed and cried trying to prolong the trip in whatever way I can.


Maybe it’s the only child within me yearning for playmates. Maybe it’s just the novelty of being in new surroundings. But even to this day, I can recall those moments and strong emotions that I felt as I resisted every attempt to get me into the return car journey (the good ol’ rattan cane works every time though).


I haven’t felt these emotions for a long until my trip to Bali last weekend (23 – 27 May 2013).


Of course, no one had to drag me into the return flight this time around. But I left with a heavy heart. While I am not a big fan of Kuta or it’s crawling traffic, I have found the rest of Bali most charming. The friendly people, the delicious food, the paddy fields, the culture and spirituality, etc.


This is a place I would want to return again some day in the future.


More photos and detailed posts of the trip to follow.

8 thoughts on “Bali – Island of the Gods

  1. Whoa dude!

    I’ve been to Bali a couple of times but you take absolutely gorgeous photos! I went with a good photographer in the previous trip before my last and even she wasn’t nearly as good as you.

    Such vivid colors, I went to the same places (some) and couldn’t get good photos.

    Awesome photos as usual buddy!

    It makes me wanna go again! 😀

    • Thank you very much HB!

      I like punchy, vivid colours so I have a habit of applying that in my editing work. Besides that, I guess I am lucky to have a brilliant blue sky with nice lighting during the trip (though the weather wasn’t all that cooperative on certain days).

  2. Great series. Composition on all the shot are really nice. You were effectively able to take me into the scene and allow me to experiences these events wonderfully. Fourth images is probably my favorite and the cloud in the first image are spectacular.

    • Thank you for your kind words Mark! I am glad my photos worked for you otherwise I would not do justice to the beauty that is Bali. It’s a beautiful island rich with culture and heritage that everyone should visit once (although I think it’s a bit far from your side of the world).

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