Of Sharp Knives and Diabolos

When someone’s name is actually listed on a Wikipedia article, you know they are the real deal!


I caught The Sharpe Brothers performance at the Esplanade last week and man, was it good. Diabolo spinning, knife juggling, acrobatics and stand up comedy all rolled into one neat package of quality entertainment.


This little boy (who was an audience volunteer by the way) was an instant crowd winner charming everyone with his antics and dancing. Just look at that cheeky expression!


Why juggle knives on the ground when you can do it standing on your older brother?

IS7A0192In short, an entertaining performance by an extremely talented duo. I cannot begin to imagine the number of hours they have spent perfecting their craft.

6 thoughts on “Of Sharp Knives and Diabolos

  1. Great series Vincent. I like how you skewed the camera to give the action images an added dynamic element. Also great job capturing the emotions of the child. Very good stuff here.

  2. Incredible! Singapore has all these wonderful events, it must be nice.

    I thought the photos were publicity shots! They’re really that good – awesome photography as usual bro!

    • Thank you for your kind words HB! 🙂

      Yes, I’m impressed by how much Singapore actively promotes it’s arts and culture scene with local and regional acts. They have weekly free performances at the Esplanade and sometimes they have acts which are so good, I wonder why are they not charging people an exorbitant price for the show.

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