Happy 5th Blog-day!

5 years ago on this very day, a young man who couldn’t tell the difference between a f-stop and a bus stop bought his very first DSLR. He then took some photos of a flower, registered on WordPress and shared it with the world. No prizes for guessing, yes, that man was me. And yes, I still consider myself young.

IMG_1603 (sharpened)

While I have not been the most dedicated blogger, it has been a great journey maintaining this blog. This is an online account of my photographic journey. My stories, struggles, achievements, the things I’ve learned – all neatly packaged in a tiny corner of cyberspace. It’s a great feeling to be rereading and reliving these old experiences.


So in conjunction with this I decided to spruce up the place a little bit. A new theme and a new banner. Now I can post higher resolution photos! Feedback on the new look appreciated by the way.


Happy 5th Birthday Shots of Serenity! May there be constant updates until your 6th birthday. Yes, note to self.


10 thoughts on “Happy 5th Blog-day!

    • Thank you Rafael! I am glad you have enjoyed my work. Hopefully my day job will not bog me down too much. I hope to regularly share my work here.

      Once again, thanks for dropping by. Your kind words honour me.

    • Thank you Meredith for taking the time to stop by and comment. I just viewed my blog on my own phone. It actually never occurred to me that it would look different on a phone!

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