Point of Entry Revisited

The year was 2009 and I was spending the holidays back at home. Plagued by insomnia and boredom, I set up my camera, tripod, flash and a bowl of water. Armed with a cherry and plenty of persistence, this was the result after 300 odd attempts or so.

Fast forward to 2013, I dug out the shot from my archives and decided to give it a new lease of life. After all, I think I’ve learned a great deal more about post processing now.


This is the final result… which also happens to be my submission for The Digital Lightroom Photo Competition. Alas, it was not good enough and I did not even finish in the top 3.

Nevertheless, it was a great honour to be short-listed in the top 10. I’m already thinking of what to shoot for the next theme – Still Life.



2 thoughts on “Point of Entry Revisited

  1. I definitely like the 2013 version. The cherry has a more pleasing angle and the blue water makes the splashing water pop more. I heard Matt Kloskowski say once that he likes going back through his images and reprocess them. He showed a few examples and the differences were noticeable. With gained experience and the advances in software, you can definitely bring new life to old photos.

  2. @ Mark: Thank you for your kind words. And that is why I do not delete my old photos even the ones which did not inspire me enough to process them in the first place. I always feel that perhaps one day I might return and see the shots in a different way.

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