Drumming Up A Storm

I am a sucker for cultural shows. Religious dances, traditional musical instruments, it’s all good especially if I am allowed to snap away with my camera while watching.


Caught Hibikiya’s Tenko group performing a taiko (Japanese drums) set at the Esplanade some weeks back. Was a really energetic performance though I wished there was more background explanation on each of the pieces performed.

I reckon it’d be fun to learn taiko after a hard day at work. Print a photo of that annoying colleague, paste it on that drum and you’re good to go. Great way to blow off steam too.


2 thoughts on “Drumming Up A Storm

  1. Me too! I love cultural shows! 🙂

    I’ve watched a daiko performance too, a troupe called Zuiho Daiko came from Japan and my office organized it for one of our CSR projects a few years ago – they’re all mentally challenged young adults but they came out with an amazing performance!

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