Aqua Vitae


This was taken at a fountain in a local mall. People were walking pass with bewildered looks wondering what I was shooting. One man actually stopped to observe what I was doing and moved on when he thought I was nuts.

Abstract photography isn’t exactly my forte but I kinda like the final result here. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Aqua Vitae

  1. You’re right! Sometimes when I am taking a photo people look at me like you say. A few days ago it was raining and I was shooting to the drops on some leaves. One friend of mine were observing me and asking to herself: ” What’s there? Why is he taking a photo? Is there anything that I can’t see?”. When I finished my job she asked me those questions and when I answered her she was surprised.

  2. @ Mark: Thank you. I guess we’ve all been there. Getting stared at with curious though more often confused looks. Part and parcel of our passion 🙂

    @ rafaelpradov: Were you shooting macro on the water droplets? I used to shoot a lot of insect macros and will often go to the local park to hunt for bugs. I’ve had some curious strangers approach me to ask what was I shooting. Haha.

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