Captivating Cambodia: Return to Angkor Wat

I asked the driver to bring me back to Angkor Wat and he gave me a puzzled look. “You not finish walking in morning?” I nodded my head and told him I wanted to catch the sunset from Angkor Wat. Again, another puzzled look as most people go to the hilltop temple, Phnom Bakheng, to view the sunset.


But having read about how crowded the place gets at sunset, I decided to try something different. So off I went back to Angkor Wat, my journey going full circle, returning back to where I started. When I arrived Angkor Wat was ALOT more crowded than in the morning.


At that point,  I wondered if my decision to come back was wise. I never liked taking photos jam packed with tourists in it. Anyhow, I proceeded to climb to the higher level of Angkor Wat – something which I could not do in the morning as it was not opened.


Be warned though the climb is not for those of poor health. It is a very steep and long climb. I really would not recommend going up if you have a heart condition or fear of heights. You won’t be missing much (in my opinion anyway). For myself, I just held on tight to the handrails and focused on each step carefully.


The central tower, the highest point of Angkor Wat.

I thought the climb up was bad but the climb down was worse. Keep calm and slowly descend.


By then, it was getting quite late and the weather was looking gloomy. As I was making my way out, lo and behold, the heavens opened and it started pouring. Suddenly, the decision of skipping Phnom Bakheng did not seem so bad after all.


The rain did not last for long, maybe 30 odd minutes or so. And as the rain stopped, the clouds parted to reveal a glorious setting sun in the sky.


I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful ending to my temple hopping adventure.


4 thoughts on “Captivating Cambodia: Return to Angkor Wat

  1. @Arham Md Ali, thank you for your kind words (: I use a Canon 7D and for travel, I usually use the Canon 10-22 lens to go with it.

    I love the Fuji X100! Image quality is very nice and the small, compact size makes it very convenient to bring around. Lugging a DSLR around is inconvenient and tiring sometimes.

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