Captivating Cambodia: The Tomb Raider Temple

Disclaimer: There are other places to see as well in Angkor Thom but I didn’t find them that interesting so I’m just going to skip ahead and write bout my next stop.

Ask any of the Siem Reap drivers about the Tomb Raider temple and they will know immediately you are referring to Ta Prohm. So-called because a scene of the 2001 movie was filmed in the temple.


Since I have not seen the movie myself, I wasn’t quite sure what made Ta Prohm so special. Why did Hollywood decide to do actual filming here instead of jazzing it all up with some fancy CGI? That question was quickly laid to rest when I saw Ta Prohm in the flesh with my very own eyes.


When I saw the size of those trees growing everywhere in the temple, I was amazed. I was filled with a sense of awe and excitement. If these ancient trees could speak, I wonder what great tales would they share with us?


One small gripe though,  there were ongoing conservation works onsite when I visited last year – which was a real mood killer. Whatever feeling of  excitement I had was quickly thrown out the window with the noise of power tools and cranes in the background.


Don’t let that deter you from visiting Ta Prohm as the temple is big and you won’t hear any of the noise further inside the temple.


Ta Prohm is worth a visit even if you’re not into all the Tomb-Raider-was-filmed-here gimmick. It is is a hauntingly beautiful place that will leave you in awe at the power of nature as the role of destroyer and caregiver.



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