Dropbeat Heartbeat

Dropbeat Heartbeat, quite a mouthful ain’t it? This band of 5 young lads plays pop punk music and was quite a hit with the crowds.

I was there for the photography but I’ll admit I caught myself tapping my feet and nodding my head to the beat as well.

The vocalist was a joy to photograph, very expressive and he definitely knows how to work up the crowd. This man is an entertainer.

Trying to get a decent shot of the drummer is always a challenge since they are always placed towards the back of the stage but I am pretty happy with this shot.

Here is a shot I like to call a happy accident. I thought the lens flare created a somewhat limelight effect on him which really emphasizes his expression. “Tonight, I’m a rock star!”

I definitely enjoyed the performance though I can’t help but feel I am getting a little too old for such loud music. I had a bad headache all the way home that night 😦

Check out their MySpace page to listen to some of their hits!

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