Italy – Days 1 to 6 – Food

One thing convenient about travelling on a tour is that all your meals have been planned and paid for. I was thoroughly fed throughout the duration of the tour… partly because my mother was not fond of Italian cuisine and passed much of her portion to me.

Spaghetti aglio olio at Pisa. Aglio olio simply means garlic and olive oil and is one of my all time favourite pasta recipes. Not sure how authentic this is but heck, I’m happy enough to have eaten this in Italy.

Ristorante Tutto Bono at Florence. The food was okay, service was good.

It’s not all Italian cuisine – yes, we actually had a few Chinese meals. I guess it’s to cater to the more elderly members in the tour group who have more refined palates. In all honesty, the food was quite good. Most of these restaurants are operated by Hong Kongers.

This one is from Rome. Don’t know where the exact location of the restaurant is though.

Finally, there was the obligatory fast food. McDonalds at the Franciacorta Outlet Village. Ordering was quite a pain though as the staff spoke rather limited English.

Personally, I’d like to have the freedom to plan and choose where I eat. To eat where the locals eat, to soak up more of their culture. You never know if these tour agencies are just ripping you off with overpriced fake local food.


2 thoughts on “Italy – Days 1 to 6 – Food

  1. I took a 12 day cruise around Italy once that was amazing. I had a pizza at every stop. I think Naples had the best…Next time you might want to take a cruise instead, that way you get to so much more in a short period of time.

  2. traveltalkwithtommy: Thank you for your suggestion! I’ve never considered taking a cruise as I am not too fond of the ocean (can’t swim!). But it’s an interesting option to keep in mind for my future travel plans 🙂

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