Italy – Day 6 – Milan

After the short Swiss excursion, we were back in Italy for the rest of the day. Before that, a short stop in Como for lunch.

This is the Tempo Voltiano, a museum dedicated to the works of Allesandro Volta, a famous Italian physicist.

After lunch, we were dropped off at Milan’s Piazza del Duomo for the remainder of the day.

First stop, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. There are many shops here selling all kinds of stuff.

Designer handbags anyone?

And of course the Duomo di Milano.

Be wary though of swindlers who prowl the area around the cathedral. They try to hand you certain goods (friendship bracelets, bird feed, etc) and then force you to pay a bomb for it. More info here.

A close up shot of one of the cathedral’s doors. Check out the amount of detail on it.

And that basically wraps up my trip to Italy. Took a flight home the following day from the Malpensa Airport. I still got a few random photos and thoughts about the trip to share though so this won’t be the last of Italy you’re reading on my blog.

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