Italy – Day 5 – Verona

Day 5 brought me to the city of Verona. While the city has many historical landmarks, the Casa di Giuletta (or Juliet Balcony) is perhaps more well known among most people.

Yes, this is supposedly the balcony where the famous “balcony scene” of the play Romeo and Juliet took place. For a nominal fee (which go towards the preservation of the building), one can climb up to the balcony.

Not very far from here is Piazza delle Erbe. It’s a marketplace of sorts where you can buy fruits, leather goods, etc. Heck, there was even a Nintendo 3DS booth there that day.

The fountain of Madonna Verona, also found in the piazza.

Wandering beyond the marketplace, I made my way to Piazza Bra to check out the Verona Arena. Historically, a Roman amphitheater, today the arena is used to hold concerts.

This is the Fountain of the Alps, found in a nice cosy garden in the piazza.

There were other interesting things to see at the piazza (like Verona’s city hall) but I didn’t have time to explore. The rest of the day was spent at the Franciacorta Outlet Village. It’s a collection of outlet shops all conveniently in one place. Shopping isn’t really my thing, so Day 5 wasn’t that exciting.

While I’ve merely spent a morning in Verona, I like what I saw. There is definitely more to see and experience in beautiful Verona. So here’s adding another city to my revisit list.

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