A new beginning

Maintaining a blog is hard work and I’m no stranger to that, considering the number of hiatuses I have taken from Shots of Serenity. Well, I’m back from another long break and this time, I intend to keep blogging a little longer before making another disappearance. So let’s put a number to it. 1 year. This time I shall not take another break from blogging for at least 1 year. Deal?

So what have I been doing for the past 5 months? Well, not much. The main highlight would have to be my trip to Italy which was quite an eye opening experience, awakening the wanderlust within me. There is so little time (and money) yet there is so much more to see and experience out there. Look out for many posts and photos that I will be sharing about the trip here.

For starters, I have attempted to redesign my watermark. It’s quite simple but I’m a strong believer of the “less is more” concept. So what say you to the new watermark? Yay or nay?

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