The Birds of Prey: Revisited

Now that I have ended my internship, I finally have more time to edit my long overdue photos. So, let’s resume my shots from the Jurong Bird Park. As I’ve blogged before on my first trip to the bird park, the Birds of Prey show is one you do not want to miss. You can afford to miss every other show but not this one. To read more about the show, click here to read my previous entry on it.

Armed with my Canon 7D, this was really the main challenge I looked forward to at the bird park. While I wasn’t expecting to nail every shot I took, I did get more good shots than I did the first time.

Am quite happy with the above shot. Unfortunately, I clipped off part of the bird’s wings.

Here’s a shot of one of the attractions during the show.

The little girl who was a volunteer was holding some meat at the end of the stick and the bird is supposed to swoop down to get its food. Love the girl’s facial expression.

And finally, let’s end this post with another bird in flight shot from a different angle.

I’m loving my Canon 7D! πŸ™‚

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