Jurong Bird Park: Revisited

When I last concluded my Jurong Bird Park series of blog posts, I said that I will return again. And that was exactly what I did last Sunday, on the sunny morning of 23 May 2010. Armed with my new Canon 7D (did not have that yet on the last trip to the park), I was ever more determined to walk away with more good shots this time.

Unfortunately, I have not edited any of my photos. I have been busy and this weekend will prove to be another busy one as well. In the mean time, I leave you with this freshly edited shot of a crowned pigeon.

Stay tuned for more shots of my second visit to the Jurong Bird Park!


5 thoughts on “Jurong Bird Park: Revisited

  1. Okay Vincent, you have me drooling in a couple areas. First, this shot is fabulous. Clarity, colors, bokeh. Awesome! Second, your new 7D. Camera envy here. 😉

  2. Thank you Sean! Actually my 7D is not all that new. Been using it since October last year. Just a few weeks after my first trip to the bird park actually. Haha 😀

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