Welcoming my visitors

If you haven’t known yet, my room, for reasons unknown to me, seem to attract the most exotic of bugs sometimes allowing me the chance to shoot a subject I have not encountered before in the wild. Most of the time though I just get to shoot bugs in a different environment without all the grass, leafs and greenery.

The above shot is a good example of what I am talking about. Found this beetle hanging onto a piece of string. Instead of shooting it from the usual front and side views, I decided to shoot it from the underside of the bug. An angle I believe we do not see everyday.

And here is… well, another fly. The interesting thing here is the fly was actually resting on a wall lamp. Hence, as you can observe there are no shadows whatsoever on or under the fly. Makes for a good high key shot I think.

I have many other shots of various bugs that came into my room. However, I have to admit that nothing beats shooting macro outdoors. Bugs and a white wall, it can get rather bland sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Welcoming my visitors

  1. I like those shots. The beetle one leaves one wondering what bug is it?! The fly one looks like something out of an online insect product catalog. 🙂

  2. Hey Sean, thanks! Now that you mention it, the high key no shadow fly does look like it belongs to some sort of product catalog. Haha 😀

    Thank you Mr. Nick! You hilang mana? Haven’t updated your blog in awhile too. Haha 🙂

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