West Coast Park 2: Wrapping Up

Okay, returning to my initial series of shots from West Coast Park, I didn’t really get any good shots after shooting the spiders. There were a few okay shots but nothing that got particularly excited. But I’m going to post it up anyway, all in the name of sharing.

Sorry for yet another spider. This is a Crab Spider which is green in color. This is one of those shots I don’t make very often. When I shoot macro, I tend to search for bugs on trees and shrubs. This shot was taken with me scanning the forest bed for movement or anything of interest. And let’s just say squatting for a long time isn’t my cup of tea.

Found this guy seated on a leaf (stained with bird poo I think). Not too sure what insect is this. Not even sure what to Google for to find out. I like the patterns and colors on the bug. Makes you think that this is one guy you don’t wanna mess with.

I have developed a habit of ignoring common bugs like hoppers or ants because I think they are not exotic enough to make for a good shot. The last two shots I am sharing will prove me wrong.

The humble grasshopper. Definitely not something new but I like this shot because of the shape of the leaf the hopper is resting on. Makes it look the hopper was a king or celebrity seated on his throne for all to admire.

And finally, ants. An epic battle between the weaver ant and black ant. The black ant seems to be having the advantage in the fight despite its size. Not the sharpest of shots, did not have the chance to shoot much either because other ants were swarming up my legs to bite me.

That concludes my second macro visit to West Coast Park. The morning started with a bang shooting two beautiful spiders but eventually fizzled out into nothing over the afternoon. All in all, still a great day though. Coming up, macro shots from around the room!


4 thoughts on “West Coast Park 2: Wrapping Up

  1. Hey vincent,

    goood to see you updating your blog regularly again, lol~

    if anyone is to be become spiderman and save the world ( or, at least, manhattan) , i think you will be the one ~

  2. Nice shot indeed. Especially the grasshopper, great color combination and focus resulting in a fantastic shot. Can’t imagine how much your gears would cost 😀

  3. Sean, thanks for dropping by. Have to agree with you that such moments are indeed a treat. Predator and prey shots always make for dramatic photographs! 🙂

    Hello XuShen! Long time no see, man. Hope all is good with you. I hope I don’t get bitten by a spider and transform into Spiderman like you said. lol. Need to graduate before saving the world 😀

    Clyde, thank you! I have indeed invested quite a bit in my equipment. But I have to say it has been worth it. The satisfaction in nailing the shot you had in your mind is priceless 🙂

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