Spiders Galore Episode 3

These days everything comes in 3. Be it movies or video games, it ain’t awesome unless it is a trilogy. To keep up with times, I have decided to present my shots in a trilogy style as well. Presenting to you Spiders Galore Episode 3!

Presenting today’s spider… okay, I admit I don’t know what species is this. I looked through quite an extensive list of Singapore spiders and Googled whatever I can think of without much luck. So, I’ll just let my photos do the talking this time around. If you know what species is this, let me know, please!

A back view of the spider. As I continued to shoot, the wind became quite strong and this little guy’s web was getting pushed to its limit. It turned around trying to fix the web or something, I’m not sure. But what it did next caught me by surprise.

The spider seemed to be deconstructing its web! It pulled the web and it “magically” disappears as each strand of web is reeled in. Here’s a side view of the spider as it was busy deconstructing the web. Soon, the spider was done and with the last strand of web, it climbed onto a leaf and scurried away. Impressive.

I don’t usually show this many different angles of the same subject but I will not be doing the spider justice  if I were to present only a few shots of it. Such a marvelous creature indeed. Stay tuned for more shots of other insects! The spiders will need to take a break from the limelight… for now.

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