Spiders Galore Episode 2

So, I returned to West Coast Park a week later. This time in the morning, under a clear sunny Saturday morning. It was my second test run with the ringflash and I started by exploring some of the forested areas of the park. Coming across a large web which spanned quite a huge area above my head, I was quite certain this time what I was dealing with. It was an old friend I have photographed before.

Following the trail from the bottom of the web to the top, my eyes stopped at the center, the heart of the web. And there she was, the Giant Wood Spider. This one is much smaller than the first one I’ve encountered. Perhaps half the size of that first spider I shot.

Like the scene from a horror movie, the spider started descending down the web slowly towards my direction. Actually, there was a dead insect wrapped in web there and she was approaching it for a meal. I wasted no time in snapping a few shots.

Here’s a closer 1:1 magnification shot of the spider feasting. Not for the faint of heart.

After I was done shooting, I had to take a little detour to avoid walking into the spider’s web. Wouldn’t want it to fall off the web onto me. I reckon I’ll scream like a little girl if that happens.

More spider shots to come in next post!

6 thoughts on “Spiders Galore Episode 2

  1. Nice shots! I just got bitten by a spider last week, and even dreamt of this black tarantula-like spidy with many yellow eyes. It was freaky. But your pictures are so awesome, I’m not freaked out by them! 😀

  2. Sean, thank you for your kind words! 🙂

    Nic, it’s time to make a comeback to the world of macro! *Evil laughter* 😀

    Michy, just read from your blog about the spider bite. Yikes. Glad that everything is okay. And thank you for your comments! 🙂

  3. This is SWEEEET!!! you manage to snap it when it’s feasting….gosh hav u been stalking it? haha…either way, awesome awesome shot….u make me feel like i don’t know how 2 take photos anymore vince T.t 😦

  4. Thank you Whei Yeap! Was just lucky that the spider decided to have a bite when I was around. Did not really wait long before it decided to start eating 🙂

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