Spiders Galore

My apologies for the lack of updates for the past week or so. Just finished my exams yesterday and well. As much as I’d like to say I am free, that is hardly the case yet since my industrial attachment aka work runs until mid June. Another 1.5 months to endure…

Continuing on my little adventure on a rainy evening at West Coast Park, I decided to venture into the forested areas of the park since the trees will be covering me from some of the rain. And surprisingly I had more luck finding subjects to shoot here. The first thing I noticed were all the webs…

And right at the center of it is where you will the master engineer and architect who constructed these webs. Only problem for me was that I had to walk around and avoid all these webs after I am done shooting. And there were also spiders that hang and wait to ambush its prey.

This crab spider looks like some space faring fighter jet or something.

As the rain eventually stopped, I moved out of the forested areas and explored other parts of the park. I was pleasantly surprised to find another cooperative spider to shoot. Not too sure whether this guy builds webs or is a hunter.

I suspect that it a web builder though since it remained stationary on the leaf allowing me to shoot till my heart’s content.

Since it was getting late, I decided to call it a day before darkness sets in. My conclusion for the ring flash? All in all, I am satisfied with its performance. But I learned that ring flashes are not very good at lighting up backgrounds. So I am experimenting with a slave flash to solve that issue now… which is another story for another day. More macro shots to come in the future!


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