Canon MR-14EX: A (not so) dry run

A day after purchasing the Canon MR-14EX, I was dying to try it out for a shoot. Alas, the weather was not very cooperative and it started raining from late afternoon. With no signs of the rain stopping soon, I decided to do something crazy. Let’s go shoot macro in the rain!

For protection purposes, I had a ziploc bag over my flash unit covering the hot shoe. I also covered the camera with a piece of cloth. And yep, I was ready to test out my new toy in West Coast Park under the elements. As I searched for insects to shoot under the pouring rain for the first 10 minutes, I kept asking myself, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!

I could not find any subjects to shoot, it looked like it was going to be a futile evening getting drenched for nothing. Just as the thought of turning back crept into my mind, I managed to find my first subject to shoot…

A butterfly! (Not sure about the species). I was pleasantly surprised. If you have not realized, in my 2 years of shooting macro,ย  I have never macro-ed a butterfly before. As for the reasons why, well that’s another story for another day, but the main reason would be they are difficult to photograph in the wild. This butterfly was seeking refuge among the leaves of a tree from the rain. Hence, it stayed very still and I had all the time in the world to compose and shoot.

Fueled by the motivation of finding such a good subject, the thought of turning back soon disappeared and I ventured further in search of more good shots!


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