ExxonMobil Dragonboat Carnival 2010

A few weeks back (Yes, my blog entries are seriously backlogged) I attended a dragonboat carnival held by ExxonMobil (the multinational oil and gas corporation). The event is an employee bonding sort of event meant for the employees and their family members. Of course, the event is held at a public place so anyone can just walk in and watch but they don’t get the free food and stuff like that.

Armed with my 70-200mm lens I thought I could take some epic close up shots of the boat rowers. Unfortunately, I soon learn that my lens was just too short for that purpose. I can fit a single boat and still be left with plenty of space around on my frame. This was the closest I can get as the boats make a U-turn back to the starting point after each race.

The weather also was not very friendly that morning as rain clouds gather and soon it was raining quite a bit. With that, I knew it was time to keep my camera in the bag and call it a day. However, there were still things to do around like the booth games, some “guess the song” game on stage, etc. What really impressed me though is the team spirit shared by the employees. Despite the rain, there were still those who would brave the weather to watch and cheer for their colleagues who were rowing.

At the final race of the event, it was still drizzling. But I thought enough is enough. Screw this rain, I’m going to take a few shots of this. So I whipped out my camera and went back out to shoot under the rain. Again, I just could not get any good shots. At least I got a shot of the winning team celebrating.

The shot was heavily cropped though.

I left shortly after the final race finished. The event was a fun and enjoyable one. But I have to admit I am disappointed by the lack of good photos due to equipment limitation. Maybe it’s time to invest in a teleconverter?

3 thoughts on “ExxonMobil Dragonboat Carnival 2010

  1. kee boon, I very scared of renting stuff leh. Later spoil it and have to pay 😦

    Nic, please correct me if I am wrong (and I do hope I am wrong) but the Canon 7D’s battery grip is NOT weather sealed. Kinda stupid eh? Weather sealed lens with body but grip is not.

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