Go get a room!

To wrap up my Botanical Gardens series of posts are some shots of two dragonflies.

What were they doing, you ask? Well, here’s the straightforward answer…

Having some hot steamy sex under the sun. Now that I’ve typed the word ‘sex’ twice, hopefully Google or some other search engine will generate more traffic to my blog.

On a more serious note, I was quite disappointed I could not get a better shot of the pair doing the deed. I have to admit I got a little sexcited excited (and partly due to fatigue making me impatient), I went in too close with the camera. The pair obviously got startled and flew off together in search of some privacy. Oops…

Since I was too tired to continue exploring the garden, I went off shortly after that. It was also my first time shooting macro in the morning actually. Yes, my first time despite almost 2 years shooting macro. I’m just not much of a morning person. However, I have to admit there were a lot more insects to shoot in the morning. All in all, it was a fruitful trip indeed.

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