Botanical Gardens: Revisited

Another place I revisited for photography lately is the Singapore Botanical Gardens. On my first time here, I didn’t get any nice shots at all. Hence the reason why I have never blogged about it. This time, I came bright and early in the morning, determined to go home with some nice macro shots. And went home with happy shots I did. Let’s begin by sharing some of the 8-legged friends that I shot for the day.

The Botanical Gardens is a huge place. While I don’t know where all the best macro spots are, I stuck to the shrubs and trees surrounding one of the lakes. It’s the lake nearer to the NUS law campus in case you’re wondering.

Even if you’re not at the garden to shoot macro, there are plenty of other things going on that make good photography opportunities as well though I did not bother to shoot any since I was too engrossed in my macro. Besides, I was too lazy to change lens also.

This jumping spider is one of the more friendly and cooperative subjects I had. All it did was turn in circles on this large leaf. Had plenty of time to compose and shoot compared to the previous two spiders.

I have more shots to share but as usual I am not done editing them. More macro shots of other insects from the gardens to come.


5 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens: Revisited

  1. Haha the last time I was in Botanical Garden, I walked from one end to the other looking out for insects.

    It was tiring! Great to see macro shots from you, but this seems to be shot further away. Not 1:1?

  2. Good macro shots!
    I used to catch them when I was a little kid, me and my mates then used them to fight!? Ha ha…

  3. Nic, the shots were actually taken at 1:1. However I kinda cheated and cropped shot 2 and 3 a bit. Maybe that’s why they seem to be shot at different magnifications?

    London Caller, thank you! I’ve never caught and made spiders fight before but I’ve heard plenty of stories from people about this popular game 🙂

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