Singapore Zoo: Wrapping Up

To wrap up the entire Singapore zoo series, here’s a few more random shots I would like to share.

Yep, the orang utan.The Singapore Zoo prides itself for having the largest captive colony of orang utan in the world (source: Wikipedia). Okay, now I sound like I am writing a university paper or something. Anyway, onto the photos…

This was taken during the feeding session. Plenty of affection shown between these fascinating creatures.

I like this shot because the orang utan looks like it is smiling. The innocent smile of a child unknown to the danger that it’s cousins in the wild faces.

And finally, a random shot of a lion feeding. My 70-200mm lens was not long enough hence I had to crop the shot.

All in all, I enjoyed the trip to the zoo very much. However, I am rather disappointed at the shots that I have. No good photos of the lions, white tigers, zebras or other of the more popular animals. Most of the time the animals are not doing anything interesting. You just have to be patient and alert, waiting for something to happen and then reaching for your camera in time for the shot. However, since I wanted to explore the entire zoo that day, I did not have the luxury of time. And also there was the issue of not having enough reach with my lens.

Would I be returning to the zoo for photography? Maybe after I get a 300mm lens or a teleconverter with plenty of time to spare. Then I’ll give it another try.

For now, enjoy the photos and stay tuned for my next series of photos! 🙂


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