Singapore Zoo: Faces

Baboons. Personally, I find their colorful and fleshy backsides rather disturbing. I wonder if there’s a phobia term for it… Anyway, these are not shots that I am particularly proud of from a technical point of view. But I am sharing them here anyway for the sake of humor and because well, these are not scenes you see everyday.

This baboon here was licking against the glass panel when I took the shot. You have to admit, the fella looks very… erm… to put it in a nicer way, silly in this shot.

Here’s a shot which looks like a scene from some horror movie. The script should read, “The crazed baboon lunges at the glass panel attempting to break it to reach the humans.”

And this one is my personal favorite shot. It reminds me of how human-like they can be at times.

Probably a few more shots for the Singapore Zoo series before I wrap up the series and share some other photos that I have. Yes, I’ve been making it a point to go out and shoot every weekend. Unfortunately, I have not found the time to edit my shots yet 😦

8 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo: Faces

  1. Nic, they think I am too handsome already. Need to start worshiping me 😛

    Actually, it started with 3 of them standing near the glass staring at the people looking at them. Then people started to gather to look at them and they got excited about the attention. lol 😀

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