Singapore Zoo: Ancient Monsters

Let’s face it. We all had that fascination with dinosaurs when we were still kids (okay, maybe it was just me). And the closest living descendant of the dinosaur that still closely resembles them is none other than the crocodiles. Personally, they are one of the must-sees for me in a trip to the zoo.

I’ve always wanted to take a photo like this. A crocodile submerged in water with only it’s eyes exposed at the surface. In the wild, you would probably need to be in the water yourself to take this shot from such a low angle. Being in the same pool of water as a nasty predator such as this? Definitely not a good idea. But thanks to the viewing tanks at the zoo, I can take this shot safely (at the expense of having to do it through a rather dirty piece of glass though).

Another shot, I would really love to take is one of a crocodile propelling out of the water to strike a prey. Google some images to know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, no luck with getting that shot here. Maybe some other time at some other place.

Okay, got to get back to editing other photos! Stay tuned for the next update.


5 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo: Ancient Monsters

  1. Michy! I had some reflective problems with the glass actually. But thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, I managed to remove the reflections from the shot 😀

    Pei Wen, thank you! 😀

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