Singapore Zoo: Revisited

Went to the Singapore Zoo over the weekend (on 7 March 2010) for some photography fun together with the girlfriend. It was my second time there. The first time, I was still in my infancy stages of photography, yet to buy my Canon 400D and was relying on a friend’s camera equipped with a Canon 70-200mm to shoot. The ironic thing was I didn’t like that lens one bit at that point of time. I thought the non-extending barrel and white color coating was totally “not cool”.

2 years down the road, I return to the same place with the lens I totally enjoy using now but found “uncool” back then. Oh, the irony. Haven’t had the time to sit down and edit the shots that I like. So, here’s an appetizer for the Zoo series of posts to come, a rhinoceros.

More photos and stories to share as I find the time to edit the photos. So stay tuned for more of our wild friends from the Singapore Zoo!

3 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo: Revisited

  1. Rhino! Used to think they were so cute, then i grew up and realised that those horns can kill. Hahaha. =) Can’t wait for you to finish editing..

  2. Nic, aiya, I don’t have 300mm monster lah. Sometimes I feel I can really use that extra 100mm, particularly at the zoo 😦

    Jenn, yes, those horns can kill! The ones at the zoo seem rather aggressive too. Running around and poking each other a bit. Scary…

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