Rekindling an old flame

I used to look at 2nd hand camera equipment forums and see a lot of almost new camera gear sold on the 2nd hand market because the user did not have time for the hobby. I used to wonder how busy can working life be? To the point where one has no time for his own interests or hobbies? Little did I know that I will be discovering the answer myself first hand sooner than I expected.

2 months into my internship and I have yet to find the time to take my first macro shot for the year 2010. Sad isn’t it? Hence when a photographic opportunity came my way, I decided that it’s been way too long.

So, here it is my first macro shot for the year 2010. Two months late but better late than never, eh?

As I got into taking the shot I began to realize how much I miss shooting the macro. The excitement of approaching your “prey” slowly and quietly. The spine breaking feeling of adjusting your body to weird postures to get a good angle for a shot. And finally, pressing the shutter button to nail that focus right at the sweet spot.

Yes, I’ve missed photography. It’s been a long while… but I am glad to say that I am back.


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