Baby Dinosaur

Another day when my Internet decides to behave. As you can see, they are rare indeed. Haven’t been taking any shots back here at home. So, I’ll just be clearing some backlogged photos that I took some time back while still in Singapore.

Let’s start with this baby dinosaur!

Cute, isn’t it? I found this baby lizard in my room some months back. It was not very shy or scared of anything big and moving unlike most lizards… which makes sense since it’s just a baby. Probably doesn’t know how dangerous this world is.

Surprisingly, it even crawled into an empty test tube which I laid in front of it. Released it outside my room on the wall after I was done. Plenty of bugs going around for it to eat.

Going to end this before my Internet decides to disconnect. If I don’t update again in the next few days, here’s wishing one and all a happy new year 2010!


5 thoughts on “Baby Dinosaur

  1. Hey hey!

    I expected you to have gone back to Singapore already! I had horrible Streamyx connection for more than a week where it keeps cutting off. Checked with Telekom, etc, they came to check and changed the internet cables outside my house and my internet is fine now. Talk to you soon hopefully. Need updates 🙂

    And yea, you’re right. The baby lizard is adorable!

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