And the sun will set for you…

Am in the midst of my final exams now. In the thick of all that studying, I like to just walk out of my room and look around to relax a little (I stay on the rooftop). To my surprise, I was greeted with this scene the other day…

Never knew that I could get such stunning sunset shots from the rooftop of my block (first year staying here, previous years on a lower level). Quickly grabbed my camera to take a few shots before the sun faded away. Those are silhouettes of transport cranes used to move containers from ships of a nearby harbour.

Shot taken with the 7D and Canon 70-200mm lens. Yep, taken with the telephoto lens. It was the ideal lens since I wanted to isolate the cranes and sunset from the clutter of trees, other buildings and other nonsense.

Now, that was a good break. Back to the books!

12 thoughts on “And the sun will set for you…

  1. Boop, thanks! The 7D is awesome but still a lot of users are complaining about AF and sharpness issues. Best to get it later after Canon have them sorted out.

    nic, thanks! I didn’t saturate it that much actually. The sky was a golden orange that day.

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