My new friend!

While most people keep dogs or hamsters as pets, I’ve been keeping the weirdest of animals as pets since I was a kid (think tadpoles and caterpillars). Though I haven’t been doing that for a long while, I guess it was only a matter of time before old habits came back again. So, meet my new roommate!

Found this jumping spider outside my room a few days back. Since I had a few empty test tubes lying around (“courtesy” of the bioengineering labs of NUS), I thought to myself why not?

I have been feeding the spider those small little fly-like insects you always find in the toilet. If you look at the photo above carefully (click here for the higher resolution file), you’ll see it munching on one of those insects for dinner.

Will write more on the little dude in a separate post. Now, it’s back to my books! Exams in less than a week’s time.


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