Not so lucky no. 7?

Haven’t really had the time to play much with my new toy over the last few weeks due to school and other commitments… which explains for the lack of updates on the blog. Didn’t have any material to write about since I finished my super long series of Jurong Bird Park photos.

While I have not been using my 7d much, the few times that I have used it, I was very happy with its performance. However, if you were to read through any popular photography forum you’ll know that the 7d has been having some bad quality control issues as well as some bugs in camera firmware. Yep, that’s the disadvantage of being the first to buy any electronic gadget. You end up being guinea pigs.

So far, I have not encountered any problems (or maybe its just me not using the camera often enough). I would like to point out though that shooting macro with the 7d is, for lack of a better word, awesome. The bright and clear viewfinder makes focusing A LOT more easier. Here’s a shot I took a few weeks back.

Will show more shots from the 7d when I have time to go out shooting. I am thinking about a trip to the zoo after my exams 😀

Anyway, if you are thinking about buying the Canon 7d, I’d recommend that you wait until Canon iron out all the issues and problems with the 7d. Besides, the price might drop a little if you wait long enough.


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