Lucky no. 7

Many of the people who knew me personally and was also into photography thought I was joking or crazy when I said it. But alas, the temptation was just too great and I could not hold back any longer…

Yes, that photo is real. It’s neither Photoshopped nor stolen from the Internet.

I probably won’t be writing a review of any kind for the Canon EOS 7D. Writing reviews are just not my kinda thing… and I don’t think I am good enough to make comparisons between this camera with another camera (especially one of another brand). Maybe a few lines on my thoughts of the camera later.

For now, I only have 3 words on my head about the camera, I’m loving it!

Photo taken with my Canon EOS 400D with my usual macro setup.


7 thoughts on “Lucky no. 7

  1. hey kee boon here…
    now onli i realized u’re into photography too…
    tho i’m just starting it.. haha..
    OMG is det 7D urs??

  2. Very awesome. I just had another friend upgrade not long ago. What’s more, you’re a 400D user too which means I’ll know upgrading to a 7D will be worth every penny. πŸ˜‰

  3. kee boon, yep, that’s my 7D! πŸ˜€

    Cameranoob, it’s definitely a worthy upgrade. The 7D is pack full of features and is very competitively priced. Unfortunately, there are still some bugs and problems with the firmware that needs to be ironed out 😦

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