The Birds of Prey

If you are going to visit the Jurong Bird Park to see just one single attraction, then let this be it. The Birds of Prey show, as the name suggests, is a bird show featuring birds like eagles, owls and vultures. The show is available twice daily (subject to weather conditions since it is outdoor) once at 10am and once at 4pm. Reaching the park at 9am to meet up with Nic, we managed to catch the morning show.

I’m not going to spoil it for you on what happens during the show but you can expect to see these awesome predators soaring through the skies with grace and style. And as I tried to get a good shot of these birds in flight, I was met with a zero success rate. Yes, Z-E-R-O. Despite bursting like mad and increasing my shutter count by like a 100 over the span of 30 minutes, I had no keepers.

I know the lack of good shots were mainly due to my inexperience but I wasn’t quite sure how to improve on it either. But I was determined… I shall stay at the park until 4pm to catch the next show! And stay at the park, I did. This time around, I had more luck with my shots.

Love this kid’s expression. He was rather enthusiastic and happy to volunteer at first. But after awhile, he just looked like he wanted to throw the bird away and go back to his seat.

I love and hate this shot at the same time. I love it as it captures the essence and ferocity of these birds as they clash in the skies to catch a piece of meat. I hate it as the damned sky is overexposed and left to a boring shade of white. I tried Photoshopping some clouds and blue on it but the shot looks fake. Guess I can’t have everything, eh?

And, finally, that one shot that made the entire day at the park worthwhile (Click here to view at higher resolution!). This is the best shot I have of a bird in flight. Sharp and in focus, no accidental cropping of the bird’s wings. I was a happy and satisfied man.

So, I guess this concludes my series of posts on my trip to the Jurong Bird Park on the 21st of September 2009. In my opinion, the best $18 I have spent for photography (considering the dollar spent per good photograph ratio).Will I be going there again? Oh, you bet I will.

If you’ve never been to the park, go there today! Be sure to borrow/rent/steal a good sharp superzoom lens with you if you’re going there to shoot! 😀

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