The Birds of Africa

Was looking through my photos to see if I had anymore material to update on my blog before I realized I have not finished my Jurong Bird Park series. Paying $18 for the entrance fee for so many good shots, totally worth it in my opinion.

I proceeded to the African Waterfall Aviary to catch the bee-eater and starling feeding session after I was done shooting the parrots. The session has already started when I arrived and naturally, people began to crowd around the feeding area hence I did not have a good spot to shoot from. However, I am still quite happy to get this shot though.

The guy was introducing the various species of birds found in the area. Every time he held up his hand with feed (which were worms by the way), the birds would flock to his hand to feed. After the guy is done, you can buy a small cup of worms to feed the birds yourself for a small fee of $3.

Needless to say, everytime you were to raise that cup up high in your hand, you will achieve the same effect… which makes for some pretty good photographs.

Since I was too lazy to further explore the area (it involved climbing a lot of stairs), I left the area soon after that.

Next up, stay tuned for the grand finale of my Jurong Bird Park series of posts!

5 thoughts on “The Birds of Africa

  1. Nic, thank you! Used a slightly lower shutter speed in this area since it is sheltered by high forest trees. Hence, the wings had motion blur. Probably what made it look like paintings 😀

    Michy, yes, worms! One girl’s least favorite animals are a bird’s lunch. lol 😀

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