Living on a Prayer

Was going to the bathroom to take a shower when I noticed something green on the wall. And what do you know? It was none other than a…

… praying mantis!

How annoying. Another insect I’ve never encountered in the wild but AGAIN, for the umpteenth time, cross paths with where I stay. Seriously, I should just sit here in my room and wait for the most exotic of insects to come and visit me for photographs.

Another annoying thing about shooting macro indoors is that you lose that natural essence of the insect in its natural habitat. It’s either a boring plain white wall (or white sheet of A4 paper as backdrop) or my messy desk as the background. So, I decided to try something I’ve done before. I put my hand in the path of the praying mantis and guess what?

It climbed aboard. Time to let this mantis go on a ride of flash and glamour photography!

All shots taken with my Canon 400D + Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro (the non-IS version) coupled with the Raynox DCR250. It was really a matter of trying my luck as I carried my entire rig and shot single handedly (like literally since the mantis was on my other hand).

After getting a few shots I was happy with (not to mention my very sore and tired right arm), it was time to say goodbye and I released the mantis at some nearby plants. But seriously though, as much as I welcome guests, let’s meet more often… at your place next time, out in the wild.


6 thoughts on “Living on a Prayer

  1. Nic, I can never take proper care of plants in my room. I have this small little plant in my room which has come THIS close to withering and dying a few times no thanks to me forgetting to water it 😀

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